My new blog

For years I have been an active blogger, writing on various sites both personally and for work. And for years, “blogger” was a big part of my identity.

But over the years, the web has changed somewhat, and my job has changed somewhat, and I became less of a blogger and more of an essayist. Not that there is anything wrong with being an essayist, but I missed just blogging. No pressure, no finding the perfect image, no sense of obligation, no mission other than sharing your interior life with other folks.

So I started a new blog. Just for fun.

This isn’t where I expect to share grand insights into the human condition, or talk about my work of building radical communities of inclusion, or where I will link to things that give me hope for the future of our species.

It is, however, where I will share pictures from my garden, or vignettes from my day, or muse out loud about something I am dealing with. I might share a recipe that worked for me or a rant about the cable company. There will be few images, no long essays and no editorial vision.

It isn’t for work, or for money or for serious. It’s just a blog, yo.