Names are funny things.

I am named for my father, who was named for his great-uncle, who was named for a distant family member none of us remember.

But for as long as we can track it, there has been a Hollowell named Hugh.

This caused some confusion growing up.

Dad was Hugh, and while my legal name is Hugh Lawson Hollowell Jr., I was called by my first and middle name – Hugh Lawson. That was simple enough, except for the people who solved the confusion problem on their own, meaning I got called Junior some, and I got called little Hugh a whole lot. This became funnier after puberty hit, because my dad is 5 foot 7 inches tall, and I am 5 foot 11. So Little Hugh was bigger than Big Hugh. I only heard that about a billion times.

One of the first things I did after gaining any degree of agency was quit using my middle name. It was “weird”, and the whole double name thing seemed too… Southern, at a time in my life when I wanted to blend in more.

So, anyone I have ever introduced myself too only knows me as Hugh. This has not been problematic for me at all.

But since I share my name with my father, and since he is a state employee in the state of Mississippi, and since we both tend to end up on the news a fair amount, and since I am moving back to Mississippi in a few weeks, I see the potential for confusion.

So, I am henceforth going to begin to use my suffix on all documents, including on social media – Hugh Hollowell Jr.