Concentric Circles of Care


I am the sort of person who needs a schedule. Left to my own devices, I will wander around in my house all day, wearing pajamas and leaving in my wake detritus consisting of the remains of crunchy snacks and coffee cups.

So if I am to be productive at all, I must have a schedule. But the last seven months have been super hard for that. I have moved residences three times, done a major amount of home renovation, began building a new community, and also tried to earn a living, all things which have been a hodge podge of confusion and chaos.

But now things are beginning to settle a bit, and I have a desk and a chair and a schedule of sorts and so I am beginning to write regularly again.

That picture up there is the view from my desk chair. Some might find it distracting, but I actually find it centering. The view is of concentric circles of my life: My desk, my yard, and my neighbors. Just like concentric circles of influence and care.

The area of my life I have the most influence on is me, followed by the area immediately around me, which is then followed by my neighbors. It seldom works in reverse. Ironically, the better job you do of self-change, the easier it is to influence your neighbors.

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