Quick Pickled Red Onions


This, dear friends, is why I am not a food blogger.  Note the recycled spaghetti sauce jar with the pieces of the label still on. See also the stained cutting board because I have no sponsorship deal with Clorox. Observe the improper staging because the stick of butter I have sitting on the counter to soften is sitting on the edge of the frame.

But if you find yourself with an abundance of red onion, the kindest thing you can do for both it and yourself is to quick pickle it.

I basically put a cup of red wine vinegar, a 1/3 cup of sugar, and a 1/4 teaspoon of salt in a pan to simmer and melt the sugar. Peel and thinly slice a red onion, then stuff the onion in a jar and cover with the hot brine. Let it cool to room temp, then refrigerate. They are good to eat within an hour but taste better after a couple of days.
I try to have a jar in the fridge for emergencies.